Ranked Choice Voting Likely For Local 2020 Election

Ranked choice voting made the agenda for this Tuesday’s Benton County Board of Commissioners meeting, and County staff are recommending a yes vote.

But, let’s back up a little: Benton County voters passed a ranked choice voting measure back in November of 2016, which among other things, required $200,000 funding from the state for implementation. Oregon lawmakers approved the expenditures last year, and the funding will cover some reprogramming, and voter education.

Also, it was understood County staff would need to rewrite some ordinances, which they have now done, submitting their handiwork to the Board of Commissioners for approval. Click here for a copy of the work session agenda calling a discussion of the matter.

Most observers believe a ranked choice voting system will be in effect by the next time voters decide on candidates for the County Board of Commissioners in 2020.