Pride Police Car Defended by Oregon’s Top Cop

Earlier this summer, Oregon State Police fielded a rainbow decaled cruiser for Gay Pride Month, and there are some retirees that have not been happy with the move. Mostly, the grousing came over social media, but when one retiree complained to a state lawmaker, Oregon State Police Superintendent Travis Hampton decided to issue a public response.

Hampton, a State Police veteran who was appointed to the top cop spot by Gov. Kate Brown in 2016, said the decision to decorate the car was “no more political than the relationship I have with my wife.”

Hampton explained LGBTQ people are victims of crime at “a much higher rate than other demographics,” and are subject to heightened bullying and violence as “evidenced in the school safety tip line,” managed by OSP. He also noted and “alarming” suicide rates for LGBTQ people.

“This is a single car, for a single month that will be used in community outreach events to show we are not only an inclusive employer but a police agency that takes citizen crime reporting and welfare seriously,” Hampton said.

By Andy Thompson