Photo Reveals Four New Wolf Pups in Western Oregon

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has released pictures that show four new pups in a western Oregon wolfpack. The pack was first observed earlier this year, with only three members at the time. Trail camera footage reveals three of the young wolves traveling with an adult along a gravel road, with the fourth bringing up the rear. One of the pups, a five month-old female, has had a tracking collar placed on her as of September 26.

In 2018, the number of confirmed wolves in Oregon came in at 137, representing a 10 percent increase in the population since the preceding year. This April, 20, years after being reintroduced, a record number of wolves in the state was announced by the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Department. As of now, there are three known wolfpacks in western Oregon, the bulk of the species residing in the eastern part of the state.

While wolves are a protected species in western and central Oregon, their status was revoked in eastern Oregon in 2011. Furthermore, the current administration has previously suggested removing wolves from the endangered species list.

Amaroq Weiss, the Senior West Coast Wolf Advocate at the Center for Biological Diversity has weighed in on the matter, saying that “It’s heartwarming to see photos of this wolf family running through the forests of western Oregon, but we’ve got to keep them protected,” and that “If we want these wonderful animals to survive and flourish, we have to ensure the Trump administration doesn’t take away their Endangered Species Act safeguards.”

By Brandon Urey