Painted Intersection Gets Restored

“The Eclipse Rides Through Corvallis” Rides Again  


On a quiet summer day in the 1960s, residents of  the 200 block of NW 17th Street, between Jackson and VanBuren, painted a mural in the middle of the street. It remained there for years, as traffic slowly eroded the paint. Eventually the block was repaved and all remaining traces were erased. Today, only people who have lived in Corvallis for a very long time even know there was ever any design painted in the street.  

That might have been the fate of  Maureen Frank’s design, The Eclipse Rides Through Corvallis, painted at the intersection of 11th Street and Taylor Avenue by the Corvallis Bicycle Co-operative in honor of the 2017 Solar eclipse. Instead, it was renewed on 14 July 2019 by members of the CBC, brought together by Program Director Ilene McClelland. With a permit from the City of Corvallis to block off the intersection and special extra-durable paints provided by a Portland nonprofit called City Repair, the CBC painted over the eroded design with a coat of white primer and then carefully repainted the design, working from artist Frank’s sketches as she supervised. 

The new street mural has been painted to coincide with the Open Streets Corvallis event on 18 August 

 from noon to 4 P.M., extending from Lilly to Tunison. For more information about this event, visit   

by John M. Burt