Oswalt Released, Back on Campus

Released from jail early, white supremacist Andrew Oswalt has re-enrolled at OSU, and has been seen on campus by both students and staff.

Convicted of first-degree intimidation and third-degree criminal mischief, Oswalt was sentenced to 40 days on December 12, and released on January 10. The jail routinely releases inmates early.

The charges stem from Oswalt’s attempt to intimidate attendees at a civil rights group meeting of Standing Up for Racial Justice in June 2017 at the First Alternative Co-op. What happened is that Oswalt affixed bumper stickers to attendee’s cars saying, “Racism is a horrible disease. You catch it from n*****s.” Attendees would later come out to their cars and discover they had been targeted by Oswalt.

Though Oswalt has served his term, he has filed an appeal in the case. Oswalt is publicly open about his neo Nazi views.

-By Andy Thompson