OSU Quad Fun: Preachers Meet Dancing Mike and a Blood Drop Mascot

Promise: this slice of campus life becomes sublimely weird. Here’s the basics, earlier this week, two preachers showed up at the OSU Valley Library quad, and they drew a big and responsive crowd. So this began as a normal example of Evangelism at OSU. 

And now the fun begins. In the middle of the circle of students were the two preachers preaching, four angry students yelling (one with a sign that read “Hail Satan 666”), And a guy named Mike. We locals actually call Mike, Dancing Mike, and there he was performing his classic moves. Oh yeah, and there was also the Blood Drive’s mascot popping in every once in a while to promote donations. 

Anyhoo, the uproar began when one preacher insulted OSU students’ intelligence and their inability to attend a “better” school, like Harvard. This made one young woman, an OSU senior, yell even louder about how badly she wanted the preachers to leave.  

But then another onlooker took and alternative tack with the preachers, buying them multiple Snickers bars, explaining, “You’re not you when you’re hungry.”

The preacher’s message was rather drowned out in all this. Further muffling the preacher’s message was the crowd cheering Dancing Mike’s practiced moves, and the big blood drop mascot with their ‘DONATE’ sign also earning hollers of crowd support.

Public safety and police officers stood by, and only intervened when people got too close, or that one time a preacher smacked a sign out of a student’s hand.  

This event (which lasted about four hours) begs the question: Are we really living in a simulation, or is this just the absurd life of a Corvallisite?

By Cara Nixon