Oregon’s Minimum Wage Increases July 1st 

2019’s round of minimum wage increases are set to take effect on July 1st. The actual amount of the increases depends on county, which are broken into categories called “Standard Counties,” “Nonurban Counties,” and “Portland Metro.” Benton and Linn counties are designated as standard, and will receive a 50 cent increase, bringing the new minimum wage to $11.25 per hour. 

The minimum wage has been increasing by 50 cents annually since 2017 as a result of a law passed by Oregon lawmakers in 2016. In 2020, the minimum wage for standard counties will increase annually by 75 cents until 2023, and then will be adjusted annually in accordance with inflation gauged by the Consumer Price Index. 

Under the current plan, the minimum wage for nonurban counties will remain $1.00 under the standard county wage, and the Portland metro minimum wage will remain $1.25 above the standard. 

-By Jay Sharpe