Oregon Vape Businesses Strike a Blow against Gov. Brown’s Ban

Governor Kate Brown’s six-month ban on flavored vaping products has been stalled by a ruling from the Oregon Court of Appeals. However, the ban has only been suspended in regards to tobacco-based products, while it will continue to be enforced for marijuana-based products.

The ban was challenged on Wednesday by multiple vape businesses, along with the Vapor Technology Association, who claimed the ban would cause “severe and irreparable harm long before (it) can be subjected to full judicial review.” Furthermore, they contended that the ban could drive consumers to the black market, ultimately increasing health risks.

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) countered by describing the ban as “an evidence-based strategy to prevent youth, as well as adults attracted to flavors, from becoming exposed to the health risks from vaping products and from becoming addicted to nicotine.” While the suspension of the ban is a setback, the OHA will continue to advocate for legislation to reduce vaping in Oregon.

The governor’s spokesman, Charles Boyle, stated that “The court’s decision to enter a temporary stay today is unfortunate due to the ongoing public health threat posed by vaping-related illness,” and that “Governor Brown continues to urge Oregonians to heed the public health warning of the Oregon Health Authority and to stop vaping immediately.”

By Brandon Urey