Oregon Vaccinations Increase Amid Measles Outbreak

On the heels of the recent measles outbreak, health officials are encouraged by a recent spike in vaccine rates here in Oregon.

This last Saturday, students lined up for 45 minutes at David Douglas High School in Portland, as parents that had been on the fence, are looking further at the science involved, and contacting pediatricians with questions about vaccinating their children.

At 7.5 percent, Oregon has the highest percentage of parents in the nation who choose not to vaccinate their childrenĀ  Now, it appears parents are making up for lost time, and close to three times the number of children have been vaccinated this year when compared to the same time period in 2018.

Between Oregon and Washington there are 64 known cases of measles, with the newest cases reported on February 16. This year’s outbreak caused Washington to declare a public health emergency in late January. At the time of the emergency declaration there were 36 confirmed cases.

Ninety percent of unvaccinated people who are exposed to the measles virus will become infected with it. If a person is vaccinated with one dose they will have a 93 percent immunity, and a second dose will give a person 97 percent immunity.

-By Jonah Anderson