Oregon to Pay Postage for Mail-in Ballots

Starting next year, Oregon will pay for prepaid postage on mail-in ballots. The state is allocating nearly $1.7 million to the pay postage costs, but the bill could go higher, based on how many ballots are sent in.

Governor Kate Brown signed the bill Friday. Supporters believe the legislation could increase voter participation, opponents from both parties have stated they believe most people can easily obtain stamps, and the money could be better used elsewhere.

KATU News reports that Democratic Rep. Jeff Reardon, from Happy Valley said, “Stamps are already available. We’re not funding a lot of things because we don’t have the money to do that.”

However, they also report Governor Brown, said, “It’s time to make everyone’s mailbox a drop-box — at no cost to the voter,” and, “While Oregon is at the forefront of voter access, to maintain a strong democracy, we must take further actions to ensure voter accessibility.”