Oregon GOP Chairman Files Recall Against Gov. Kate Brown

Oregon Republican Party Chair Bill Currier filed on Monday to launch a recall of Governor Kate Brown. Currier claims his reasons for starting the recall were Gov. Brown’s statements about using executive powers and bills passed by the Democratic majority this session.  

In early June, Gov. Brown stated publicly that she was considering using available executive authority to implement climate regulations similar to those which the Republicans successfully obstructed last month when they walked out of the Senate and fled the state for over a week.  

Currier also specified that “granting driver’s licenses to illegal aliens” was among the biggest legislative transgressions he perceived Brown to have committed.  

“[Brown] has threatened to usurp legislative power with executive orders to implement her failed legislation, deciding single-handedly what is best for Oregon,” Currier wrote on the petition seeking Brown’s recall. “This is not the Oregon way.”  

Monday was the first day anyone could file for Brown’s recall, a certain amount of time after her election. Currier’s petition must now gather over 280,000 signatures in the next 90 days for it to be put to a ballot measure. If the petition is accepted, the vote to remove Brown could be scheduled around the same time as a ballot measure to approve new education funding based on a tax on business.  

By Ian MacRonald