New Cheaper Regal Cinema Subscriptions for Corvallis, Not Portland

Last week Regal Cinemas unveiled its new subscription plan, which seems good for Corvallisites with a taste for the big screen.

Though services like MoviePass and Sinemia (remember those?) continue bouncing around in search of a sustainable business model, analysts note that AMC seems to have found a way to offer a sustainable subscription service, and also appear to be tipping their hats to Regal’s new plans. Both have theaters here in town, so let’s take a brief look at what they’re offering.

Regal is offering three tiers: Unlimited for $18 a month for unlimited movies at more than 200 theaters; Regal Unlimited Plus for $21 a month for unlimited movies at more than 400 theaters; and Regal Unlimited All Access for $23.50 a month for unlimited movies at any Regal theater.

You also get a free large popcorn and soft drink on your birthday, which will save you an arm and a leg. As an added bonus, you’ll get 10% off of all food and non-alcoholic drink purchases. Double dipping is in play, so you can still earn Regal Crown Club points towards goodies like free popcorn.

Of course, there’s some fine print:

  • When you sign up for Regal Unlimited, you must sign up for one year.
  • The cheap Regal Unlimited plan only offers theaters in Eugene, Albany and Corvallis. You’ll need the more expensive Unlimited Plus plan if you regularly find yourself in Portland.
  • It’s $.50 for every ticket you purchase through the app.
  • You must submit a photo of yourself to use the plan.
  • The plan allows you to see 2-D movies. To see “premium format” movies, you will pay a surcharge.
  • You can only have three pending reservations at a time. But you can still buy tickets from the box office while you have these pending reservations.

AMC stubs A-List 

Not as new is the AMC’s theater subscription plan, which of course applies to their theater here in Corvallis. There’s only one tier, and cost is between $19.95 to $23.95, depending on where you live.

Here’s the details: 

  • Watch up to three movies per week. There are no restrictions on specific movies. but special shows can be excluded — subscribers do not seem to report this as an issue.
  • You can choose 2D, 3D, IMAX or Dolby showings for any of your movies. There’s no up-charge for premium showings.
  • You can order ahead and reserve seats at theaters with assigned seating, and no time limit on how far ahead you can order a ticket.
  • Since A-List is part of the Stubs program, there’s $5 rewards for every $50 spent.
  • You can only have three active reservations at a time, and are only allowed to watch three movies per week, but you need to have at least one reservation slot open to buy a ticket. If you pre-purchase tickets for three movies next month, you can’t order an A-List ticket for the current week. It’s definitely a pain for people that like to plan ahead.