National Admissions Scandal Prompts Review at OSU

The widespread news of “Operation Varsity Blues,” an FBI investigation into a multi-million dollar bribery and racketeering ring designed to guarantee students’ placement at various universities including Yale, has cast a long shadow on the higher education system. 

Oregon State University was not directly referenced in the FBI’s announcement, but soon after the FBI’s announcement, officials stated that they plan to begin a review of their admissions procedures in the coming weeks, to ensure that “all OSU students, including student athletes, are admitted without individual misconduct or influence.” 

Some questions about OSU’s involvement stem from the fact that Rick Singer, the main perpetrator-turned-witness in the admissions scandal, used a photo of OSU’s Weatherford Hall on the Twitter page of The Key Worldwide, the charity organization he allegedly used to accept payments and disburse bribes. OSU said they did not provide Singer with permission to use any official images, but noted that the school cannot prevent the use of images of Weatherford Hall that were taken independently. 

“Unfortunately, we have not made progress in having the photo removed, and we do not anticipate that we will,” said Steve Clark, OSU’s vice president of university relations. Clark did not clarify why the photo could not be removed, but is possibly related to Singer’s ongoing involvement and cooperation with federal investigators.