NAACP Calls Out OSU and Corvallis Leaders Over Police Conduct

Today, the NAACP issued a release condemning Oregon State Police for their abuse and arrest of Genesis Hansen on Sunday, October 12.

Hansen is a fourth-year Oregon State student and columnist at Orange Media Network. Some might recognize her as Juliet from her lead role in OSU’s summer production of Bard in the Quad: Romeo and Juliet. Hansen double majors in English and Philosophy, and is a woman of color.

Oregon State Police, the agency contracted by OSU for policing services, arrested Hansen in a campus-adjacent neighborhood on Sunday Oct. 13 when she neglected to show identification after being stopped for biking on the wrong side of the street. Videos from bystanders show Hansen calmly stepping back from the police before being forcibly tackled to the ground and handcuffed, at which point the crowd upheals.

In a press release signed by the NAACP President for our three state region, and Corvallis NAACP’s Corvallis Director, the organization says, “We are very concerned how a potential citation can result in a young woman being physically abused by police officers, and ultimately charged for the offenses committed against her. This behavior is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated in our society.”

The NAACP is calling for action as follows:

  • Benton County District Attorney to withdraw all charges against Genesis Hansen in relation to this incident
  • Both Oregon State Police and Corvallis Police Departments issue an official apology to both Ms. Hansen and the Corvallis community.
  • Oregon State University officials to provide support and assist Ms. Hansen in dealing with this experience.
  • Meet and work directly with Corvallis NAACP Branch to adjudicate and educate around this issue. You can expect our Organization, the NAACP to take immediate civic action in Corvallis in order to meet these demands.

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