Men’s Shelter Clears Barrier, Could Go Year Around

The emergency men’s shelter in South Corvallis could go year around, and it could happen soon.

Currently, the homeless shelter across from the South Co-op only offers emergency sheltering during the coldest months, November to April. But, social service providers in Corvallis have long believed a year round shelter could be a pivotal gateway to services, and would permit more meaningful case management.

One key barrier had been sprinklers for fire suppression. Without the sprinklers, the facility could only be issued temporary emergency permits, good for no more than six months each year. With the sprinklers, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, the shelter can apply for a year round permit.

According to the shelter manager, Harry Reich, the building owner, Rich Carone, offered to pay for the sprinklers when he learned that not having them was a barrier. Reich shared this information at a recent Corvallis Advocate CitySpeak forum.

Rev. Jill McCallister, who serves on the board for the shelter, says the work is currently underway, and may be finished by November 1.

By Andy Thompson