Max Mania Caught Stealing, Was 2018 Candidate

The Advocate reported Max Mania to police last week for stealing, after Majestic Theatre staff contacted the newspaper when witnessing Mania taking their whole allotment of last week’s issue from the venue’s lobby. Staff recognized Mania from his prior involvements at the theatre.

Also known as Max Smith, Mania was a candidate for Benton County Commissioner last year, when The Advocate reported on ethical complaints filed against him in 2012. The complaints stemmed from his time as a City Councilor while living in Port Angeles, Washington, and were connected to his wife’s run for County Commissioner there. She has gone by the names Dale Holiday and Dale Grenier, and served as Mania’s campaign manager last year.

Majestic staff asked Mania—described as wearing all black with a black hat and sunglasses—to stop, however he proceeded with the theft. According to the theatre, the newspapers had been disappearing all at once, shortly after delivery, for several weeks prior to Majestic staff witnessing Mania taking the copies. Advocate publisher Steve Schultz confirmed thefts occurring at about 2 percent of Advocate outlets the last several weeks, and that steps had been taken, though he would not elaborate. Schultz did reveal the Advocate’s circulation is audited both internally, and externally.

Schultz did, however, offer, “We seek to be helpful for the whole community, so this sort of behavior is hard on everyone, and I hope Max gets help. This doesn’t seem like healthy behavior.” Mania had also been reported to police by a neighbor after a door kicking incident last year.

Mania did not respond to calls or emails seeking comment.

-By Jay Sharpe