Local Podcast Roundup

Our Area’s Best Ear Candy

Podcasts are a great way to get your brain engaged and make your ears happy while walking the streets, driving long stretches of highway, or performing daily chores and tasks. Boring endeavors can instantly become intriguing with a simple tap on your device. However you listen – whether it’s with your cell phone, your laptop, or in the car – you can enjoy the world of podcasts while supporting local creatives. Here are some lively, lovable, local podcasts to ease your stress, awaken your brain, and brighten your day.


These programs are brought to you by some of Corvallis’ health experts, to explain to you the importance of physical, mental, and reproductive health.

Midwifing America

Midwifing America’s website claims that their program helps facilitate “national conversations about maternity and women’s health care” by featuring “stories from providers and the women they serve to illustrate the state of maternity care.”

“There is mounting evidence that we have a maternal health crisis in our country,” the website says, “as we spend more, and have poorer outcomes than other developed countries.”

This show is hosted by five midwives from Corvallis who are all striving to “reimagine women’s healthcare.” Midwifing America began in May of 2018, and has had eight episodes since then, all focusing on a variety of topics related to women’s health. The podcast aspires to bridge gaps between race, culture, identity, and maternal health.

You can listen for free on their website, midwifingamerica.com, Apple Podcasts, or Player FM. Keep up to date with them on Facebook and Instagram @midwifingamerica, and on Twitter @MidwifingPod

A Healthy Curiosity

“Self-care strategies for being well in a busy world” is the tag-line for A Healthy Curiosity, a program dedicated to healthy living in all areas of life.

Updated weekly, A Healthy Curiosity is focused on keeping your mind and body healthy through Chinese Medicine, yoga, Ayurveda (an Indian system of medicine), and functional medicine (biology-based approaches). The podcast was created and is hosted by Brodie Welch, a local licensed acupuncturist. Welch welcomes a new guest to each episode, making for a fresh perspective every time you listen.

A Healthy Curiosity is available for free on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, or Spotify. Stay in the loop on their Facebook page and @ahealthycuriosity


Home to Oregon State University, Corvallis is known for its vast discoveries and pursuits in science. These podcasts explain the latest in this subject, and why it all matters.


On their blog page, PolliNation claims to be “for people making bold strides to improve the health of pollinators.”

Brought to you by OSU’s Extension Services, PolliNation is a podcast all about bees, including episodes on the bee business, pollinator plants, biodiversity, and more. Hosted by OSU Assistant Professor Andony Melathopoulos, PolliNation features a new expert guest every episode, to teach listeners more about the world of bees and pollination.

Find this podcast for free on the PolliNation podcast page at blogs.oregonstate.edu, and follow them on Twitter @osupolhealth

Corvallis Science Pub

  Corvallis Science Pub’s blog page states, “From Corvallis, Oregon, home of Oregon State University, we bring new ideas and insightful lectures from leading researchers and scientists to a pub full of inquisitive minds every month.”

This monthly podcast touches on everything science, from artificial intelligence to the farms of the future. Episodes are recorded live from Old World Deli and other Corvallis hot spots. Provided by Terra Magazine, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), and the Downtown Corvallis Association, Corvallis Science Pub is here to get you thinking about anything and everything science.

You can listen for free on Apple Podcasts or Google Play. For updates on Corvallis Science Pub events and episodes, follow Terra Magazine’s Facebook and Twitter @terraOSU


Looking to improve your work skills? Thinking about starting your own business? Just plain interested in the world of commerce, marketing, and trade? This Corvallis native podcast is perfect for you.

The Cubicle to CEO

“The Cubicle to CEO podcast brings you weekly interviews with the best and brightest in business who have paved their way to the top of the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, as well as those new to the CEO game,” according to their Apple Podcasts page.

Hosted by Ellen Yin, founder of a boutique social media marketing agency and creator of Cubicle to CEO, this podcast includes expert guests as well as insight from Yin herself. The Cubicle to CEO podcast started in June, and has had eight episodes to date. It has already been featured on Apple Podcasts as a “New & Noteworthy Business Podcast” for its corporate and entrepreneurial expertise and acumen.

If you’re looking to improve your professional mindset, listen to The Cubicle to CEO for free on Apple Podcasts or Listen Notes. Learn more and follow Yin’s journey on Instagram @cubicletoceo


If you’re looking for a laugh with a local twist, look no further than these comedic podcasts.

Hears the Thing

From the Hears The Thing Apple Podcasts page: “Join us as the hosts, Emily and Ashley, try things for the first time and talk about it. Our first times range from activities like …trying trendy health drinks…to engaging in battlefields of love, life, and trying our hand at being ‘adventurous.’”

This program is brought to you by two OSU college students who are new to the podcast game. Laugh along with them in their first two episodes, as they record their first ever podcast and try skiing the slopes. There is more to come from these two fresh, lively characters as they adventure through the world of young adulthood.

You can listen to Hears the Thing for free on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Follow their adventures on Instagram @hearsthethingpod

Tipsy Sixty

As host Dakota Cloud describes their podcast: “A shot of beer every minute for an hour, what could go right?”

Tipsy Sixty is a comedic hour podcast that you can easily drink along to. Started in April of 2018, this program has a total of eighteen episodes, and they are currently working on the second season. Listen in as Dakota and their friends take shots of beer every minute for an hour and discuss politics, social media, college, relationships, and life.

Find Tipsy Sixty and listen for free on PodBean, Apple Podcasts, or Listen Notes. Follow for updates on the podcast’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @tipsysixty


From aliens and conspiracy theories to Oregon’s strangest stories, these programs have got you covered on all things quirky and absurd.

The 45th Parallel

“Two guys and a podcast with a love for the unexplained” is the basic premise of The 45th Parallel podcast, as described by hosts Boz and Bentley.

If you’re interested in everything peculiar and mysterious, join Boz and Bentley as they attempt to explain the unexplained: aliens, vampires, ghosts, conspiracies, and more. Re-launched in April of 2019, The 45th Parallel brings listeners to the forefront of the puzzling, the weird, and the frightening. Anything strange and spine-chilling, this podcast discusses, usually with a dash of humor.

You can listen for free on Stitcher or Apple Podcasts. You can find more about Boz, Bentley, and The 45th Parallel on Facebook @the45thparallelpodcast

Offbeat Oregon History  

According to its website, Offbeat Oregon History is everything you need to know about “Heroes and rascals, ship-wrecks and lost gold … stories hardly anyone knows about.”

Based out of Albany, Offbeat Oregon History is a multi-media service that includes a weekly newspaper column, active social media pages, and a daily podcast. Each day, a new episode about the deepest, weirdest crevices of Oregon history is uploaded for listeners. If you’re interested in the Lava Lake murders, “how a banana peel changed the course of Oregon history,” or the West’s most famous pioneers, then lend an ear to host Finn John’s program.

You can listen for free on offbeatoregon.com, Apple Podcasts, or Stitcher. Follow for updates on Facebook @ofor.OregonHistory or on Twitter @OffbeatOregon


We’re finishing off the list with a podcast all about the importance of giving back to our community.

Local Folks

From the Local Folks web page: “Driving an elderly person to the doctor, sitting with a terminally ill patient so their caregiver can take a much-needed break, gleaning and distributing surplus food and firewood to needy households, reading to elementary school children: These are all ways local people work as volunteers to solve local problems and make Corvallis, Oregon, my home, a better place to live.”

Hosted by Bob Madar and produced by KBOO, Local Folks features the volunteers in Corvallis who are giving back and improving our home. Listen to Madar as he interviews a hospice aide, explains the world of gleaners, and talks to the citizens who add to and brighten our community. Local Folks strives for one thing: to tell the stories of all who make a difference in Corvallis.

You can listen to this program for free on KBOO.fm, Google Play, or Apple Podcasts. Keep up to date with Madar’s activist endeavors on the Local Folks Podcast page on Facebook.

By Cara Nixon