Local Etsy Top Picks

Ten Select Etsy Shops

Local, Handmade, One-of-a-Kind Items

Buying unique, handcrafted items is made easy by online marketplaces such as Etsy, where shoppers can support their local economies by purchasing from resident artists, crafters, and makers, without having to set foot in a store or gallery. The plethora of featured shops caters to everyone’s personal tastes, holiday hunts, and price points. While Etsy offers vintage items and craft supplies, we’ve narrowed our search down to ten top-rated shops from Corvallis, selling hand-crafted items. From the weird and whimsical, to the chic and cheeky, here they are:

Plant Posse 

Plant Posse is well-known locally for their colorful fruit, vegetable, and mushroom themed decals, jewelry, prints, and ornamental items often on display at our neighborly First Alternative Co-ops. Their signature hand sculpted, hand-painted, produce-themed accessories are nickel-free, and prices range from $3 for a decal to $55 for original needlepoint art.

@PlantPosse averages 5 star reviews. Their designs are available on Etsy or directly through their online shop at www.plantposseart.com. Browsers are also welcome to their local studio at 340 SW 2nd St. Ste #3, Corvallis. Call (541) 915-7421 to schedule an appointment.

Nitty Gritty Workshop 

The Nitty Gritty Workshop draws inspiration from popular culture and color palettes from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s in designing items such as clocks, notebooks, pillows, and phone cases. Their series of celebrity cat themed images include David Bowie, Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Marilyn Monroe. Other hand-drawn graphics include Dude from The Big Lebowski, ketchup and mustard, and coffee cups and toilet paper. Prices range from $12.40 for a notebook to $39 for a retro-themed wall clock.

 @NittyGrittyWorkshop averages 5 star reviews.  

Betty Turbo

Who doesn’t need a “bullsh*t be gone” spray can, enamel pin? This is just one of Betty Turbo’s colorful and whimsical designs. In addition to pins, greeting cards, decals, t-shirts, zines, and art prints are wares like bandanas and t-shirts featuring shop owner and artist Agnes Barton-Sabo’s ink drawings and water paints. Prices range from $5 greeting cards to $35 limited edition screen prints.

@BettyTurbo averages 5 star reviews. Visit Betty Turbo’s website at bettyturbo.com.

Rob Jewelry

Vintage sci-fi fans will enjoy Rob Jewelry’s robot earrings and other quirky jewelry items made from vintage knitting needles. Flowers, rockets, hearts, and other abstract designs are crafted from sterling silver and enameled copper. According to the artist bio, Rob Jewelry draws inspiration from children’s drawings for some of the pieces. Prices range from $41 to $353.

@robjewelry averages 5 star reviews.

Northwest Goods 

Northwest Goods delicately handcrafts and welds hair barrettes, combs, bracelets, earrings, and decorative ornaments. With the goal of making “durable and functional jewelry that is unique and attractive,” Northwest Goods uses pliers, hammers, and mandrels while working with the materials of bronze, copper, aluminum, sterling silver, and nickel silver. Items take on themes such as bicycles, skiing and mountain scenes, as well as abstract designs. Prices range from $21 to $40.

@northwestgoods averages 5 star reviews.

The Society of National Industry

This local shop specializes in origami light strings. Customer reviews note that these threads of paper lanterns make for the perfect accent in any room, and are each one of a kind, with their painted on patterns, designs, and accents. The lanterns can also be used as tree decorations. Prices range from $37 to $97, depending on length. The strings are available in 8, 11, and 22 foot length.

@SocietyNatlIndustry averages 5 star reviews.

Weasels On Easels 

Weasels on Easels features surreal and fantastical fine artworks as well as fursuit accessories and costume care kits. Prices range from $45 for art prints to $2,800 for complete custom-made padded costumes.

@WeaselsOnEasels averages 5 star reviews. Visit their website at www.weaselsoneasels.com.

Mixed Species 

Mixed Species offers a mixed bag of cheeky, brazen art and original gift items. Their most popular item is the Rainbow Adventurer glow-in-the-dark dice game, which includes a hand-sewn and hand-printed bag. Art items range from screen prints to a decorative pair of beef jerky underpants. Prices range from $8 for a Weezer sing-along sad animal coloring book to $200 for large screen prints.

@mixedspecies averages 5 star reviews. The Rainbow Adventurer game can also be purchased at Matt’s Cavalcade of Comics in Corvallis.


Corvidopolis caters to the mushroom lover with their realistic illustrative, printmade, and mixed media art products. Stickers, coloring books, and discharge ink printed t-shirts are among some of their offerings. Prices range from $8 for mushroom stickers to $27 for mushroom-themed t-shirts.

@corvidopolis averages 5 star reviews.

Yellow Stork 

Looking to decorate a nursery or child’s room? Yellow Stork specializes in merino wool bunting, garlands, and paper mobiles. Bright, colorful designs incorporate patterns like hearts, birds, and rain clouds. Prices range from $26 for a small wool garland to $40 for a mobile.

@YellowStork averages 4.5 star reviews.

All photos are courtesy of the featured Etsy sellers. Keep in mind that due to the nature of handmade, small batch products, availability may change.

By Samantha Sied