Letters to the Editor

Extend the Impactful List

I applaud The Advocate’s “Impactful” awardees for 2018 — giving credit to those individuals deemed to have engaged in unique activities that positively impacted Corvallis. The write-up of each nominee seemed expansive, gracious, and focused on each individual’s unique contributions to Corvallis. While included in this year’s Advocate Impactful line-up as an “anti-downtown shelter advocate”, let me offer the following insight. 

Because of the work done by over 50 downtown homeowners and business owners, the cold weather men’s shelter now has a permanent home on South Third Street with added showers and a dedicated laundry center for client use; and is operating at near capacity since shelter opening in November. It is envisioned that a Daytime Drop-in Center will operate from that same shelter facility within the year — offering daytime access to showers and laundry currently not available to the homeless. And at some point in the not too distant future when the adjacent Third Street First Alternative Co-op expands to another south town location (as is currently planned), the co-op building (with a full working kitchen) will be privately purchased and converted to an expanded permanent Stone Soup serving center. 

None of this would have been possible without those 50+ individuals’ impactful contributions who, along with me, earned the title of “anti-downtown shelter advocate”.

— Catherine Mater

 Cougar Counts

Pages 50 to 60 in ODFW’s 2017 Cougar Management Plan, states Oregon has approximately 3,300 adult cougars rather than 6,000. ODFW also reports that hound hunting is not necessary to manage them. The balance, 4,309, are cougar kittens’ day one up to two years. Wildlife biologists do not include wildlife young of the first year in their population estimates because they know a high percentage will not reach adulthood. 

Regardless, ODFW does not count the young of other game animals, they include cougar kittens in their population count. But not in the cougar morality count, which means we are killing more cougar than we are informed.  Only 1 out of 10 cougar kittens survive to adulthood. A substantial number of cougar kittens in ODFW’s population count may already be dead or are not born.

By counting an apparent hypothetical number of kittens, ODFW and the hound hunters have willingly misled the public in a blatant attempt to make it sound like Oregon is full of cougars. When in fact, Oregon has no more adult cougars than other states. Adding fear and exploiting cougar kittens to support killing them with hound dogs is not rational, nor is it honest.

— -Jayne Miller

 Thanks Advocate and
 Downward Dog

On behalf of the K9 Care A Van board of directors and planning team I want to thank Steve Schultz, Stevie Beisswanger, and the rest of The Corvallis Advocate staff for sponsoring the Give-A-Thon and for inviting K9 Care A Van to take part. It was a fun evening and, for our 501(c)(3), it helped to get the word out about our mission.

The choice of K9 Care A Van for the Downward Dog January fundraiser was a real surprise and very much appreciated. Keep up the good work, and thanks again for your ongoing support of K9 Care A Van.

— Peter Ewald

 Local Newspapers Critique

The Gazette-Times is a bad newspaper. It’s state and local news coverage is conservatively biased, which is really weird given the nature of Corvallis. Every single one of their nationally syndicated editorial  writers is conservative. The GT’s crush on Knute Buhler was just gross  given how lame Buhler’s budget and education plans were. 

James Day seems like a decent reporter, but I am amazed by how many punches the GT pulls when publishing local development and politics stories. But, the GT seems very interested in publicly outing minor criminals and kids in difficult legal circumstances (e.g., naming the teen who reportedly started the 2014 Timberhill fire). Why is The Advocate not dominating the GT like the way The Stranger makes the Seattle Times look so bad every single  election season? Too impolite? The GT ran stories trashing The Advocate so what does The Advocate have to lose by repeatedly pointing out that the GT doesn’t reflect the community it serves? Harder hitting reporting and editorials plus a better calendar might solve some readership problems at The Advocate in the way that they have at The Stranger.

— Jeff Barden

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