Letters to the Editor, Jan 24

Corvallis is filled with generous, compassionate people who want to help those in need and make the world a better place. But we don’t always know who needs what or how to be most helpful. Many of us write a check to Planned Parenthood or renew our OPB membership at the end of each year. That’s a good thing, and we feel good about it, and yet … it doesn’t feed the soul in the way heartfelt generosity does. 

People today are longing for new and better ways to contribute to the greater good. What if we could take the “charity party” out of the country club and open the doors to everyone?  What if we could take the administrative middle man out of the nonprofit business model and add the earnestness of grass roots problem solving to help people close to home? This exists. In Corvallis. Right Now.

In-cahoots hosts a dinner every few months. Everyone is welcome – guests are asked to donate $10.  Three members of the community pitch projects that need a little funding. Everyone eats, talks, and votes for their favorite pitch. The project with the most votes takes home the money collected at the door. It’s genius. Come see for yourself. The next In-cahoots is January 22.  

Let’s pool our resources and put our good intentions into action. Let’s remind ourselves that we live in a democracy and that we can make change.  

For more information, visit bit.ly/corvallisincahoots.

— Kim Golletz

 Hodes, C2C, and Backwash

We appreciated your mention of the Hodes Gun Shop in the December 27 edition. We consider it the only family-named parking spot in Corvallis. Augustus Hodes was my husband’s great-great-great uncle, who arrived in Corvallis in 1858.

My husband’s great-great grandfather, Johannes Weber joined his brother-in-law in 1880 and had a shoe store on Second Street until 1902.

Thank you also for mentioning the Corvallis to the Sea Trail. I am a C2C Board member and have hiked through from Corvallis to the coast three times. Have you done an article on the C2C or do you want to? It won’t be officially open until 2020.

More recently, thank you for changing the format of the Linn-Benton Backwash. I could not read the white san-serif font on the grey background.

— Louise Marquering

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