Last-Minute Sustainable Gifts 

Guilt-Free Holiday Gift Shopping in Corvallis 

  Haven’t quite bought into the non-consumerist Christmas yet? Not ready to explain to your little ones that they won’t be getting presents because the planet is suffocating due to the demands of commercialized holidays? That’s okay! We understand. The next best thing to abstaining from “buy-buy-buy, more-more-more” this holiday season is to purchase plastic-free gifts from your local Corvallis Co-op. Spread the holiday cheer while encouraging sustainable choices with these items and more for “kids from one to ninety-two!” 

Gifts for Children 

Begin Again is an innovative toy-company that promises to help you celebrate a plastic-free Christmas. They began in 2011 with a mission to “Begin Again,” and move play time away from screen time while encouraging non-oil based toys. The Co-op has a great selection of products from wooden rocket ships to natural-rubber bath toys. “Great play and for the planet!”   

Gifts for Loved-Ones 

 A romantic bracelet that also helps women fight poverty? A candle that supports “Compassion, Acceptance, Community and Oneness”? What could be better than these precious gifts from your local Co-op? 

“My Fight” is an ethically-sourced jewelry and accessories company that supports women all over the world. Their items are made by women all over the world, from Africa to the Philippines, and represent the promise of a better life in their home countries. Give “Gifts for Good,” this holiday! 

 Ethics Supply Co. Pride candles— where ethically sourced meets romantic. Their candles are made from 95% organic coconut wax, vegetable wax & 5% white beeswax, and their packaging is reusable and recyclable! 

Practicable Gifts for Everyone 

Have you been considering switching to reusable straws or bamboo silverware instead of plastic? Look no further— the Corvallis Co-op has you covered. Do you have a chef in the family who could use non-plastic cooking utensils? Try the maple-wood mixing bowls. 

Want to support  These items make perfect gifts, and encourage conversations about sustainable living. It’s a Christmas miracle!  

These Maple Origins bowls by Del Ray are made out of an innovative new material made of sawdust recovered from furniture manufacturers.  

Andes Gifts allows you to give the gift of warmth while supporting fair wages, gender equity, and sustainability. All items are certified fair trade, and certified cozy! They even have holiday options- like this candy-cane striped alpaca-wool stocking.  

Do you have a writer or student at home? Give them the gift of 100% post-consumer-waste recycled notebooks, with the classic Decomposition Book! 

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