Jordan Circus Responds to ‘Exotic’ Animal Ban: Brings Dogs, Horses

The controversial Jordan World Circus will be back in Corvallis April 11, but there won’t be any elephants or tigers, Benton County doesn’t allow that sort of thing anymore.

Responding to concerns from area animal rights activists, Benton County Commissioners last year passed ordinances banning exotic animal acts. Activists had worked the last few years to inform the area electorate about their concerns, efforts that included protests at circus events.

Even with the County’s exotic animal act ban, Jordan World Circus will apparently still be brining horses and dogs.

According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the U.S. Department of Agriculture revoked Jordan World Circus’s license to exhibit animals, forcing the Las Vegas based company to rent their animals from the Carson & Barnes Circus based in Hugo, Oklahoma.

Although it is a common practice for circuses to rent and swap their animals from one company to another, 11 citations from the USDA were issued to Carson & Barnes Circus regarding the treatment of their animals, according to PETA. Three of the USDA citations referred to elephants either not receiving proper veterinary care, or the circus failing to provide documentation regarding proper veterinary care. One recent citation of Carson & Barnes detailed an elephant escaping from its leg restraints and wondering into a residential neighborhood in Baraboo, Wisconsin.