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Online Subscription Drive Continues

We tell stories you otherwise wouldn’t hear.

If you’ve picked up our paper lately, you’ve probably come across this sentence. Truly, this is my favorite aspect of working at The Advocate. There is a freedom here that can’t be found in mainstream media, of getting to explore our voices while turning up untraversed or lightly trodden corners of the community for stories. Within these pages, I have tried on beekeeping, advocated for sexual assault survivors, and explored issues of cultural appropriation, colonization, the climate crisis, and so much more. Most important are the multitude of individuals I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing over a rich diversity of subjects, all whose unique personalities and ideas culminate in creating the Corvallis we know and love.

Since starting as an intern four years ago, I have grown with this paper in so many ways. Through all of the changes and hardships, I find reward in seeing how this publication has blossomed over time. Nowhere else in Corvallis can you find as depthful and considerate reporting on local homelessness as in these pages right here, right now — after months of grueling, intensive research and interviews by reporter Blair Girard. Then there’s our calendar, offering the most comprehensive coverage of events in the city.

One of our goals has always been to reach beyond our pages, which is why we offer online daily news coverage and host regular events in the community. These events offer shared storytelling opportunities and a platform for the public to discuss important issues affecting our community.

Consider how much we’ve been able to do already with what little resources we have. Imagine what we could do with more. That’s why we need your online subscription — because Corvallis deserves news that doesn’t snooze. Your stories are worth everything to us.

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By Stevie Beisswanger