Help Local Media: Volunteer, Subscribe, Reach Out

Giving Back to Local Media

Volunteer, Subscribe, Reach Out

There’s a reason newspapers have been around for over 2000 years, ever since Julius Caesar ordered the first of their kind in 59 BC. And we hope, that despite fiscal challenges, job loss, rampant misinformation, and “fake news” mongering, news and intelligence gathering will withstand the test of time, finding ways to thrive.

Whether with print or online news, as a reader, you get an intelligence briefing backed up by hundreds of hours of information gathering. And at a paper like ours, the focus is decidedly down to earth, and specific to our fair little locus.

Compared to the polarizing maelstrom of conjecture and snark on most social media, a good paper offers you coolly vetted facts, alongside judicious analysis. These features keep communities like ours properly informed, affecting voter turnout and democratic decision-making.

The problem we face now is how to pay for journalists and reporters — our local intelligence gatherers who dedicate long hours to investigate the microcurrents of our community.

Subscribe, and Talk to Businesses
First, please do subscribe. We believe reader support is absolutely necessary for a meaningful local media mix. Also, talk with the Corvallis businesses that ask you to buy local.

If you see their ads are placed with a large corporation, ask them to consider shifting those dollars to media that is homegrown and engaged in news gathering. According to Pew Research, 73 percent of all online ad spending goes to a Facebook-Google duopoly, and what local ad spending remains is based on relationships without regard to community. As long as those ad spends get any result, most small local companies will rationalize their program is working, and won’t be open to changing it -— unless their customers say something.

It’s not like local businesses have to sacrifice results to go local with their ad spends – our mix of fiercely independent hyper-locality and platform presence between online, print, and live events gets results. Nearby in Eugene, the Eugene Weekly reports that they’re totally crushing it for their advertisers.

Help Us Gather Information
Consider volunteering to help local media outlets that you care about. At The Advocate, we need everything from circulation support to note takers at public meetings. Also, don’t hesitate to send an email when you have a story. With our limited time and resources, there is unfortunately much that can slip us by -— so keep us tuned in.

Finally, we ask that you help us in holding our area leaders responsible. If you see they haven’t responded to a reporter, contact them yourself to ask why. Let them know you expect more. Media outlets once had the resources to hound officials, and we still do when we can, but it’s far more expensive to do than it seems.

Thank you to all who have supported The Advocate and other local media throughout this tough, transitional time.