Friday Protest: Student-Led Event Against Trump Admin Border Policy

A group of students activists plan to hold an event in protest of the Trump administration’s immigration policies on Friday, July 26 in front of the Benton County Courthouse in Corvallis,  from 11 am until noon.   

One of the organizers, Bianca Curtin, said there would be “speakers, voter registration, petition signing, poster making, as well as fundraising for the International Rescue Committee who work constantly and diligently to aid those migrants suffering at the border.”  

The Trump administration’s immigration policies have been derided as cruel by political opponents and human rights organizations alike. The most notable instances of these policies in action are the recent nationwide raids on suspected illegal immigrants and the ongoing crisis caused by the separation of migrant families as a political tool to deter migration from Central and South America.   

Some of these children are currently being held in facilities operated by U.S Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) kept inside chain-link cages, forced to sleep on cement floors, go without basic hygiene supplies for days or even weeks, all amid reports of abuse and neglect on the part of the federal agencies who are responsible for their care.  

By Ian MacRonald