Five Candidates File for Vacant City Council Seat

Friday was the last day to file a prospective petition for the currently vacant Ward 7 seat on the city council – and there appears to be five candidates vying for the spot. The election is slated for November 5.

Of the five, two have completed the whole process, and will definitely appear on the ballot:

Bradley Longman states in his application state that he works as a  Program Manager, for the U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative, Abt Associates Inc. He also lists an M.B.A. from Johns Hopkins University; B.A. University of Virginia.

Susan Walenza states she is a retired teacher that does volunteer work. She states she has two masters degrees, one in teaching from Goddard College, and the other in Education and Counseling from Portland State. She also lists a bachelors in Psycology from Portland State.

Three have completed their prospective petition, but will need to turn in their signatures by Tuesday, and completed petitions by Thursday.

Paul Schaffer is a retired State of Oregon Policy Analyst, and he also lists having worked as an Environmental Chemist. He lists a BS. in Biological Sciences, and MS. in Fisheries Wildlife, both from Michigan State University. He also lists an Environmental Chemistry education form the University of Virginia.

Lucas MK Letelier lists Farmhand as a current occupation, and business owner and student for past occupations.  Letelier lists a BA from Oregon State in Agricultural Science.

Linda Gearhart lists two part time positions, one in ministry, the other working for OSU parking. She lists a BA in Psychology with a minor in Business from Wichita State University, and an M.Div from Boston University in Sociology .

Bill Glassmire had been Ward 7’s City Councilor, but he resigned for medical reasons after a bicycling incident.