FBI and Police Monitoring Oregon Anti-Pipeline Activists

Emails obtained by The Guardian reveal Oregonians opposed to the Jordan Cove project are being monitored by a number of local, state, and Federal law enforcement agencies, including the FBI. The proposed project calls for a first ever west coast liquefied natural gas terminal on the Oregon coast — and for a 232 mile pipeline to built across the across the state.

Among the recipients of the intelligence being gathered is an anti-environmental Republican aligned PR operative, Mark Pfeifle.

Opponents of the project object to its environmental impacts and human safety risks, as well as impacts on public lands and indigenous rights. The project has a tortured history with Federal and State regulators, as well as in the courts. However, the Trump administration has said the project is a high priority for them.

The Guardian story points out this increased scrutiny of environmental advocates and indigenous groups comes at a time of an, “uptick in civil disobedience and direct actions challenging fossil fuel infrastructure projects.”