Extra, Extra! Future of News Still Uncertain

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Earlier this year, we publicly committed to offering a deeper and more serious approach to our news coverage, and we doubled down on transparency. We published our financial information, we now clearly label opinion as such, and we committed to added services like online daily news and our live CitySpeak Forums. While we remain hyper-local in our focus, our work on hate groups and resident orca whales received national attention.

Now, we would like to add two fulltime beat reporters and a City Editor. The problem is, all the last year’s improvements have been paid by the sweat of our staff, who have in some instances doubled their hours while taking the same pay.

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People have stepped forward to support us with subscriptions and new ads, but with the end of the year approaching, we are looking at a $7,000 a month gap. So, if you haven’t stepped up to help yet, please consider doing so.

The line between us adding reporters for the community we all share, or having to actually remove some improvements from the last year, is thinner than you may think. Every little bit helps.

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They want you to shop local, so let them know you expect them to support media and news gathering that is homegrown. Businesses seeking to make a living from the community should be held accountable for their effect on the health of its discourse.

Ad spending on social media is as effective as anything else, but it is often purchased out of convenience, and doesn’t contribute to our local wellbeing. All of us can be asking local businesses to support local media with their ad spending.

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Our dollars are spent locally. Our operational expenses are decidedly lean, as our largest investment continues to focus on gathering and writing the news most important to our community.  Please consider supporting our current level of services at $5 monthly, or helping us to grow our services at the $15 monthly level. And, please do support our advertisers.


By Andy Thompson