Dutch Bros. Axes Support for Carbon Cap Bill

Dutch Bros., the Grants Pass-based coffee chain with 320 locations, six of them in Corvallis, has announced they’re pulling out of an advocacy group backing a cap-and-trade bill in Oregon.

The advocacy group, Oregon Business for Climate, supports House Bill 2020. Last week, Oregon’s Republican Senators fled the state, seeking to deny the Democratic controlled Senate a quorum.

A spokesperson for Dutch Bros. says the company had not intended to take a political position, telling Willamette Week, “Our intention in joining Oregon Business for Climate was to collaborate with businesses to find solutions to environmental issues… We never intended for our name to be used in support of this, or any, bill.” The company stated in a press release that they are dedicated to being neutral on issues related to politics.

However, Oregon Business for Climate states flatly on its site, “We are Oregon’s only statewide business organization focused on passing carbon pricing policy in Oregon. Our mission is to provide a forum for Oregon industry leaders to collaborate in policy and business engagements aimed at promoting investment, job creation, competitiveness, and economic growth towards Oregon’s low carbon economy.”