Council Delays West Hills Development Deliberations, Opens Door for Possible Dorm

On Monday, Corvallis City Council held a hearing on the proposed Caldwell Farms development. If approved, up to 90 homes could be built on the 16.45 acre parcel southwest of the roundabout at 53rd and West Hills.

Ten area residents spoke against the plan, with no testimony from the other side. Instead of deliberating, councilors responded to a call to keep the matter open another seven days for additional testimony. The email address for added testimony is below. After testimony closes, developers will seven days to respond, and the matter will come up again at the council’s September 16 meeting.

Residents have expressed the usual concerns over this development: traffic, environmental impacts, and affects on the area housing mix. However, some neighbors have pointed out that easements may be necessary to extend city services to the parcel, and are concerned about the possible use of eminent domain to overcome such a hurdle.

In Other Land Use Matters 

With Councilor Ed Junkins back in attendance, fortunes changed for the possibility of an OSU dorm at 9th and Madison. The council had denied the application in an earlier session, but the matter came on for a second reading with Junkins’ back in the room, and his vote in the affirmative meant the matter became a tie. Mayor Traber, who only votes in the instance of a tie, voted for the development.

However, along with the proposal to build the dorm, OSU requested some changes in open allocations around campus, and much of that request has been denied. It’s unclear just how that will affect the size and scale of the proposed dorm.

Likewise, the council had denied a request for increased residential density at 53rd and SW Country Club Drive, but have also changed direction on that proposal.


By Andy Thompson