Council Approves Dorm, Rejects Caldwell Farms Project

There will almost certainly be a lengthy appeals process, but City Councilors affirmed their approval of the Oregon State University dorm project slated for 11th and Monroe.

As envisioned, the project is a 295 bed dorm for upper division and graduate students. Opponents believe the parcel would be best left as open space.

Voting to affirm the dorm proposal: Ed Junkins, Ward 8; Nancy Wyse, Ward 6; Hyatt Lytle, Ward 3; Andrew Struthers, Ward 9. Voting against: Jan Napack, Ward 1; Charles Maughan Ward 2; Barbara Bull Ward 4; Charlyn Ellis,Ward 5. With Bill Glassmire’s resignation for medical reasons, Ward 7 did not have representation. Mayor Biff Traber, who only votes in the event of tie, voted to affirm the project.

The council had already voted to approve this project, but in this phase of approval, referred to as a second reading, the council can choose to reverse course.

Council Rejects Caldwell Farms Proposal

Also, on second reading, the council voted to affirm its prior rejection of the Caldwell Farms proposal. The proposal had been to develop up to 90 homes on the 16.45 acre parcel southwest of the roundabout at 53rd and West Hills.

Councilors voted 5-3, affirming their rejection. Against the development were Ellis, Bull, Napack, Junkins, and Lytle. For the development were Wyse, Maughan and Struthers.

By Andy Thompson