Corvallis Man Arrested For Robbery, Threatened Victim In Own Home At Knifepoint

Manuel J. Pinedo, a 31-year-old from Corvallis, was arrested Sunday after he allegedly held another man captive with a knife in his own home after Pinedo was caught robbing the house.  

Pinedo faces first-degree robbery, burglary, kidnapping and coercion, as well as unlawful use of a weapon and menacing. He is scheduled to make an initial appearance before a court on July 22, and is currently in Benton County Jail with bail set at $387,500.  

According to police, Pinedo acquainted himself with a 30-year-old man, his eventual victim, a few days previous. Returning home Sunday morning, the man found Pinedo in his bedroom, who then threatened him with a knife and demanded money for over an hour.   

Just before 3 a.m. on Sunday morning, the victim was able to call the police to the 300 block of NW 15th Street, after he was able to escape from Pinedo. By that time, Pinedo had fled. He was arrested closer to 6 a.m. around the north Kings Boulevard area, near Winco.   

By Ian MacRonald