Corvallis’ Fortson First Non-Binary Rep in U.S.

Brandy Fortson has announced that they are set to be the first non-binary person to hold elected office in the United States, citing research from the Democratic Party of Oregon and the Democratic Socialists of America. 

Fortson released this statement via social media: 

“It has been confirmed that I, Brandy Fortson, am set to be the first non-binary person elected to public office in the United States who has felt safe enough to be publicly non-binary. I want to touch on this because I am certain that there has been, and probably are, non-binary folks in office that haven’t been in a space that was conducive to being out. I see you all, and you are all valid. 

I am saddened that it took until 2019 for this to happen, but I am so excited for the implications of representation both for the LBGTQ+ communities and society at large. For example, I received some pretty harsh words from a reporter while organizing a march over proper pronoun utilization, but when that same reporter emailed me about candidate statements and the like, he apologized and expressed his intention to do better. That is why representation is important– not only for communities, but for society as a whole. 

I’m looking forward to serving on the Corvallis School Board in position #6 and representing the community and all that it encompasses!” 

Fortson, co-chair of the local chapter of the DSA, is running unopposed for Corvallis School Board Position Six. The election is May 21. 

By Jay Sharpe