Corvallis’ Flat Tail Clashes with Bend’s 10 Barrel Brewing over Catchphrase

  The past few days have seen a social media feud between local brewery Flat Tail and Bend-based 10 Barrel Brewing.  

On November 12, Flat Tail posted a picture on Instagram of a 10 Barrel truck emblazoned with the words “Dam Good Beer” in bold letters, the longtime slogan of Flat Tail. Flat Tail brewmaster and co-owner Dave Marliave’s caption reads “It’s no secret you can steal a lot of intellectual property when you’ve got that sweet, sweet @anheuserbusch money, but seriously @10barrelbrewing …..did you have to drive it past our brewhouse?! Can’t wait to get a cease and desist for using my own slogan. XOXO – FT Dave”  

Willamette Week reported that Flat Tail’s instagram followed up with an image of Marliave and the Flat Tail team holding up a “Dam Good Beer” banner with their middle fingers extended. The picture has since been removed from Instagram, but is still on Facebook.  

10 Barrel posted their response the next day. “@flattailbrewing, we had no idea you guys were using this tagline. We’re just stoked on our new partnership with @oregonstate, guess great minds think alike J. Although, your photo and post doesn’t inspire community, our founders and Beaver alum have come up with a couple ideas as solutions; our founders will challenge your best drinkers to a boat race, winner gets the slogan. Our we can change out the graphics to something for fitting for us like #dambetterbeer #beavershouldworktogether #whyoldguyflipusoff #nexttimecallus #wewouldhavechangedit #notnow”  

“It was the perfect response,” Marliave told WW. “They admit it’s our slogan, insult our beer and make fun of one of our employees for being old. It was a fruit salad of, ‘What the fuck?'”  

In the interview with WW, Marliave indicated that he was not interested in pursuing legal action against 10 Barrel or Anheuser-Busch.  

“It has nothing to do with the slogan,” he said. “It’s about the companies and what they’re doing with the money we’re giving them. Frankly, I’m glad they responded the way they did so that we can highlight what these huge conglomerates are doing.”  

By Brandon Urey