Corvallis Businesses on the Lookout for Funny Money

An intercepted counterfeit bill has Corvallis retailers on alert for the holidays.   

After passing a dummy $100 bill at the Corvallis Goodwill on Monday, 34-year-old Audrey Tyler was arrested on charges of first-degree forgery and criminal possession of a forged instrument.   

According to Alex Jones of ReStyle Home, Garden & Gift and Haley Smith of My Campus Closet, this is not a new phenomenon.   

“Last holiday season, somebody was going around, there were actually a couple, and they would come to different stores and they would try and get change or they would use counterfeit money,” Jones told KEZI  

The holidays hold an increased risk of counterfeiting, she said, as it’s more common for people to use big bills this time of year. Furthermore, she attested that fake bills hurt local businesses more than big box retailers.  

“When we try to take it to the bank and it doesn’t work then all of a sudden were out $50 and $50 worth of product,” Jones said.  

On a similar note, Smith reports that “A gentlemen had printed $50s and so after a while, all of these businesses started reporting to the Corvallis Police Department so they were able to make a pattern of what was going on.”  

She also expressed dismay at the attempt to rip off Goodwill. “That’s so sad, that’s horrible, that’s not Christmas.”  

By Brandon Urey