Clackamas Judge Halts State-Mandated Cancer Surgery for 13 Year Old

On September 26, a Clackamas County judge halted surgery for 13-year-old cancer patient Kylee Dixon, less than 24 hours before the procedure was scheduled to occur.

According to the state, medical experts say that without surgery Dixon’s condition will worsen and ultimately prove fatal. However, Both Dixon and her mother Christine Gale have voiced their opposition to the procedure. Gale refers to the judge’s ruling as “a huge blessing.”

The judge also allowed Gale to back out of a previous agreement which granted jurisdiction over Dixon to the state.

After deciding traditional medicine had been ineffective, Gale looked to alternative treatments for her daughter’s liver cancer, such as CBD oil. According to her, Dixon began feeling better soon after, and the two fled the state to avoid the prescribed surgery. In June they were apprehended by the police and FBI in Las Vegas, and Dixon has been a ward of the state since. According to KPTV news, Gale says “They had no right to take my daughter and do what they’ve done, literally kidnapping her.”

An emergency hearing on the matter will be held on October 4. Gale plans to argue that her alternative treatments have been working, saying that “I can prove that she’s doing one hundred times better than how she was doing in that hospital. The scans show nothing but improvement.”

By Brandon Urey