City Water Infrastructure Project Begins August

Corvallis is replacing two major drinking water pipelines this summer, which have been identified as vulnerable to seismic activity. The two pipelines run along bridges which cross the Mary’s River, one on 15th Street near Avery Park and the other on the 4th Street bridge near Shawala Point.  

Both pipes are fed from the Taylor Water Treatment Facility, one of two major treatment plans providing water for Corvallis. The city does not expect any interruptions to water service during construction.  

 These two points were identified as seismically vulnerable in 2003. According to the city, this has been a multi-year effort to plan and secure funding and permits at multiple levels of government. 

There will be some construction around the bridges, as the city plans to relocate the piping underground. The 15th St. pipe replacement will be below the riverbed and tied directly into the city’s existing water system. The 4th St. pipe will require more extensive riverbed construction beneath the Hwy 20/34 overpass, lasting about 30 days.  

The project is estimated to cost $3 to 4 million, paid for largely by customer utility fees. Anyone curious about further details can contact the Corvallis Public Works Department. 

By Ian MacRonald