CES Reinstates Tech Award to Local Sex Tech Firm, Lora DiCarlo

Things are looking up for Oregon sex tech start-up Lora DiCarlo. The Consumer Technology Association decided to return the Innovation Award they previously took away. Not only that, but the Oregon based start-up received an additional $2 million in financing through the Oregon Opportunity Zone Limited Partnership. Lora DiCarlo has offices in both Corvallis and Bend.

The Corvallis Advocate previously covered how Lora DiCarlo won and then lost a Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovation Award. The Consumer Technology Association who produces the CES has received criticism over the years for not including enough female innovators among their honorees and convention keynote speakers. The decision to apologize to Lora DiCarlo and return the Innovation Award may be a step in the right direction.

“CTA is pleased to present Lora DiCarlo with a CES 2019 Innovation Award,” said Jean Foster, CTA’s senior vice president of marketing and communications. “CTA did not handle this award properly. This prompted some important conversations internally and with external advisors and we look forward to taking these learnings to continue to improve the show.”

“We appreciate this gesture from the CTA, who have taken an important step in the right direction to remove the stigma and embarrassment around female sexuality.” said Lora Haddock, founder and CEO of Lora DiCarlo. “This is a win for our engineering team, who deserve recognition for the robotic technology they developed in the making of Osé.

Osé is a device engineered to elicit blended female orgasms. The goal was to build a hands-free device that would not rely on vibration. Instead, it would better mimic some of the sensations of a partner.

The Lora DiCarlo team is committed to pushing the technology industry forward and to embrace female, diverse, and LGBTQ innovators.”

Separately, the $2 million in financing for commercialization of the Osé personal massager came through the Oregon Opportunity Zone Limited Partnership (OOZLP). An Opportunity Zone refers to a selected economically-distressed community where new investments may be eligible for preferential tax treatment. It is part of an IRS program with a goal of spurring job creation. Within the past year, Lora DiCarlo created 14 new full-time jobs between their Corvallis and Bend locations.

by Samantha Sied