CBD Alcohol Banned by OLCC

As of December 19, the creation and sale of CBD-infused alcohol has been banned by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.  

In an interview with OPB, Executive Director Steve Marks of the OLCC gave three reasons for the ban. The first was lack of testing for CBD as an ingredient, and the second was concern that the psychoactive components of cannabis may be making their way into the beverages.   

“And the third thing is CBD themselves,” he said, “while they’re greatly purported for their health effects, there is a lot of concern about particularly the effect of high quantities of CBD on the liver, which is also affected by alcohol.”  

The ban, which will go into effect January 1, only applies to alcoholic beverages — CBD-infused soft drinks will be unaffected. This does provide a legal workaround in the form of cocktails, as mixing a nonalcoholic CBD drink with an alcoholic beverage is not specifically prohibited… yet.   

Marks told OPB “We’re considering just outright saying that it’s an adulterant for alcohol so you wouldn’t just be able to mix the cocktails.” 

 On the other hand, Oregon bartenders see little harm in CBD beers.    

Sue Wiseof The Growler Guys in South Portland said “People feel like the CBD in the beer is helpful, whether it’s for muscle pain or other injuries they have. People really believe the CBD helps them.”  

By Brandon Urey