Campaigns to Recall Gov. Brown Fail

Two petitions to force a recall election of Gov. Kate Brown have officially come up short – but one of the petitioners has already said he will try again.

The deadline for signatures was Monday at 5 p.m. Oregon Republican Party chair Bill Currier announced the party’s three month campaign failed. Currier told conservative talk radio host Lars Larson that they were less than 10 percent shy of the 280,050 necessary signatures.

Michael Cross, the chief petitioner behind another campaign to recall the governor also fell short. Elections officials determined that at a maximum of 10 signatures a page, and only 23,926 pages turned in, there could not be more than 239,260 signatures.

In an interview with OPB, Cross said that he had received a number of pages over the weekend, but did not have time to number them. He estimates he actually turned in 290,000 signatures, but also concedes that with a margin for error verifying the signatures, he quite possibly doesn’t have enough.

Currier told Lars Larson he will try again, saying there were about 100,000 signatures that had signed one campaign’s petitions, but not the others, and that combining the numbers there would have been enough.

By Andy Thompson