Boquist Faces Senate Hearing For Violent Threats

Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist (R-Dallas) will soon face a Senate special committee on conduct over remarks he made in June, seemingly threatening violence against Senate President Peter Courtney and the Oregon State Police. 

Republicans walked out of the Senate in protest of climate regulations in June, and Governor Kate Brown made overtures about sending Oregon State Police to retrieve them. In response, Boquist told Courtney on the Senate floor that “hell’s coming to visit you personally.” He claims to have told OSP Superintendent Travis Hampton that if they came after him, to “send bachelors, and come heavily armed.” 

Boquist is preparing for the hearing, reportedly already submitting legal documents related to lawmakers’ free speech rights. He also told reporters that he does not believe the state police have the authority to apprehend Senators and compel their return short of “making an arrest based on probably criminal charges.” 

During a press conference last Monday, July 1, Gov. Brown addressed the sitaution. 

“Sen. Boquist’s behavior was unbecoming of an elected official, and an embarrassment to the entire state of Oregon,” she said. “I expect the Senate to hold him accountable.”  

By Ian MacRonald