Bill Nixing Oregon Vaccine Exemptions Moves Closer to House Vote

Oregon lawmakers came a step closer to cinching down on non-medical exemptions to childhood vaccination on Thursday.  House Bill 3063 moved out of the House Committee on Health Care, and will now move to the Ways and Means Committee – and if approved there, it will move to the floor of the House for a vote.

There is some bipartisan support for the bill. In a press release, Republican Rep. Cheri Helt of Bend said, “The bill would put an end to Oregon’s non-medical vaccination exemptions for attending public schools; and will ensure immunocompromised students are kept safe from easily preventable communicable diseases.

Increasing rates of under vaccination in the Pacific Northwest have been spotlighted by the recent measles outbreak in Clark County, WA, which led Governor Jay Inslee to declare a state of emergency.

Measles can spread rapidly and about 90 percent of susceptible people who are exposed to someone with the virus will become infected.”

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