Bigfoot Museum Opens Northeast of Corvallis

Cliff Barackman spent seven years traveling the globe in search of Sasquatch on Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot. Now,  he is compiling all that research at what he calls the North American Bigfoot Center.

Here’s the big, fat hairy deal: The center opened a new museum on Friday, and it’s only an hour and half from Corvallis, in Boring, Oregon. Barackman lives in Clackamas County, an area with more Bigfoot sightings than anywhere else in Oregon.

Located in an old and repurposed strip mall space, the museum features a  6 foot 7 inch Bigfoot model crafted by a professional animatronics studio in Ohio (as reported in this preview scored by the Willamette Week).

The website for the North American Bigfoot Center gets you started by addressing what one might consider the basics of bigfoot, such as “If bigfoots are real, where are the bones?” or, “Why hasn’t anyone ever caught one?” Along with those factoids comes the promise of dozens of informational displays, interactive exhibits, a small movie theater, replicas, and more that will delight visitors of all ages.