Benton Judge Seals Dismissed Rape Case, Declines Waiting for Accuser

Jordan Alexander Pace, a former OSU football player formerly charged with multiple sexual crimes, has successfully requested that his arrest record be sealed. Sealing records, according to Chief Deputy District Attorney Ryan Joslin, “means for all legal intents and purposes the case never happened.” 

Pace, 21, was charged with first degree rape and second-degree sexual abuse, among others, in May 2017. The Benton County DA’s office dismissed the charges against him in October 2018, citing a lack of evidence.   

Deputy District Attorney Amie Matsuko had asked Judge Locke A. Williams to delay the hearing on sealing Pace’s records, as his accuser would not be able to attend. Williams denied Matsuko’s request, claiming that the accuser “had been given an opportunity to speak at the hearing,” then granted the request to seal Pace’s record. 

“The related police reports get sealed,” said Joslin, “and if the incident is inquired about, no information can be provided.” 

-By Ian McRonald