Benton County Unemployment 3.2 Percent, Bests State and Fed Numbers

Benton County’s unemployment rate was lower than the state’s in June, and more jobs that anticipated were added, too. However, viewing our job growth over the past year, the statewide numbers best our county numbers by a small margin. This is because, for all the jobs we’ve added, we lost some too.

Here’s what Oregon’s Employment Department press release said: 

Benton County’s unemployment rate was 3.2 percent in June, unchanged from its revised rate

(3.2%) in May. Oregon’s statewide unemployment rate in June was 4.1 percent, essentially

unchanged from its revised May rate of 4.2 percent.

Benton County’s employment gains in June were larger than normal; total non-farm

employment increased 470 jobs, when an employment increase of 310 jobs was expected. As a

result, seasonally adjusted employment increased 160 jobs between May and June. Benton

County’s employment level was 5,180, or 13.3 percent, above its pre-recession employment

peak in November 2007.

Benton County has added 570 jobs over the past year, an increase of 1.3 percent. Benton

County’s employment growth was about the same as the nation, but was lower than the state.

The U.S. job growth was 1.5 percent and Oregon grew 2.4 percent.

Benton County’s private sector added 830 jobs over the past year, growing 2.9 percent. The

public sector lost 260 jobs, a decrease of 1.6 percent, with local government education

dropping 250 jobs.

The fastest-growing private-sector industries over the past year were mining, logging, and

construction (+210 jobs, or 14.4%); leisure and hospitality (+240 jobs, or 5.6%); and education

and health services (+350 jobs, or 4.9%).