Benton County Health Department Expands Services at Renovated Facility

On Thursday, the Benton County Health Services hosted an open house to celebrate expanded services at its NW 27th Street Facility. With the new renovations, capacity has increased for behavioral health, adult dental services, the WIC offices, and the care team.

Parking and lobby capacity has also been increased.

Lanoi Case, Community Health Center Program Manager, said that “The dental office was originally in a bus that traveled around to patients, but now it has become one centralized location where we can increase the amount of patients we serve.”

The new space for adult dental services has exam rooms, lab, and X-ray services. These services are available to anyone regardless of insurance.

The Community Health Centers of Linn and Benton Counties currently has six primary care offices in Alsea, Monroe, Corvallis, Lebanon, and Sweet Home. According to their 2018 Annual Report the Community Health Center “provided care to 9,868 patients including: 565 homeless, 310 veterans, 353 seasonal farm workers, and 1,833 people whose primary language is not English.”

There are twenty-nine Health Navigators that work closely with patients to break down equity barriers that are commonplace within healthcare. These Navigators try to tailor referrals to the patients’ needs as well as being aware of social stigma and obstacles that many patients face.

Case stated, “We try to put ourselves in locations where the need is greatest. That is why we are in Lebanon and Sweet Home. Those clinics have also met their goals on the numbers of patients, but our doors are always open to helping more. We hope to see more patients after this renovation as well.”

By Mariah Price