August Arts Walk

Earl Newman Exhibits at This Month’s Arts Walk

The must see for this Thursday’s Corvallis Arts Walk is an Earl Newman Exhibit at Studio Beatrice, and we’ll get to that story, but let’s talk about Newman for a minute.

No one should fault Earl Newman for losing track of time. After all, the self-employed artist has created unforgettable posters and silkscreen prints in a career that began back circa 1960 in Venice, California.

Newman made a name for himself there early on, referring to it as simply having been at “the right place, at the right time.” This is, of course, most notably when he designed the first promotional poster for the Monterey Jazz Festival in 1963.

That opportunity led him to design one or two posters each year for the festival, spanning 50 years. Even when he and his family headed north in 1972 to call Summit, Oregon their home, he stayed connected to Venice, making posters for both the Jazz festival and the Abbot Kinney Street Festival.

Currently, sixty-two of Newman’s Monterey Festival posters are archived in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of History in Washington, DC. His prints have featured the likes of Ray Charles, BB King, Etta James, and many more.

About This Week’s Exhibit at Studio Beatrice 

Newman reveals 30 years of sketches, prints, posters and paintings about theater. A rare chance to enjoy a wide variety of work by this exceptional artist. The gallery owner wishes for this to be a celebration with Earl, so expect music and refreshments. Studio Beatrice will be open 4 to 7 pm for the Arts Walk, they are located at 230 SW 6th St.

Other Exhibits You Don’t Want to Miss 

OSU Art Faculty Exhibition. Works by Evan Baden, Michael Boonstra, Anna Fidler, Julie Green, Yuji Hiratsuka, Shelley Jordon, Andrew Myers, Mazdak Shadkam, Kerry Skarbakka, and Lorenzo Triburgo. It showcases an array of styles and approaches to creating art, with work in areas of photography, painting, drawing, mixed media, printmaking, and video. Fairbanks Gallery of Art, 220 SW 26th Street, 4-8pm.

Vesna Grace Stone: My Macedonia. Vesna Grace Stone is a Corvallis Oregon based photographer with an interest in ancient ruins, basilicas, and pyramids. Stone started her photography art journey in 2011. Her art is inspired by her upbringing in the Republic of Macedonia, and her travels as an adult in Peru, Guatemala and Cuba. Suite Nine, 230 SW 6th St.

A Place to Belong. All of us are driven to be part of something bigger than ourselves, a group in which we fit, a people where we belong. The constant bombardment we face in words and images through media often separate and divide. How do we navigate and explore this terrain? Come and explore the concept of community with an interactive project, and the drawings, paintings and prints of Matthew Nelson at PopsArtStudio. 230 SW 3rd St. #207.

Tradition Turns Contemporary. TAC hosts an artist reception for Traditions Turn Contemporary.  The exhibit is part of the BCHM’s Quilt County, while not showing any actual quilts. The premise is that: “many small parts make a new whole”. The work is based on traditions with very contemporary interpretations. Basket maker Dorothy McGuiness (Everett, WA), print and book artist Ann Kresge (Salem, OR) and Jennifer Salzman (Creswell, OR) photographer turning to mixed media. The baskets are colorful in new and intriguing shapes, made out of painted watercolor paper. Ann Kresge shows parts of a site specific installation and Jennifer Salzman combines old fashioned bl&wh photography and embroidery in new ways. The Arts Center, 700 SW Madison Ave.

If you’re feeling especially ambitious, there plenty of other showings, visit the Corvallis Arts Walk site check them all out. The Corvallis Arts Walk happens the third Thursday of every month.