“Atmospheric River” To Hit Oregon Wednesday Through Saturday

After one of the driest Novembers on record, an “atmospheric river” is expected to bring heavy rains to Northwestern Oregon.  

The “river” is a narrow plume of heavy moisture, typically 50 to 100 miles long.   

“It’s basically a river in the sky,” NWS Meterologist Amanda Bowen told OPB. “That’s how much moisture is coming in.”    

The NWS put out a hydrologic outlook advisory for the Willamette Valley, estimating a total rainfall of two to six inches from Wednesday through Saturday. While the heavy rains bring a chance of flooding, Bowen says that may be mitigated by the recent dry spell.    

“We’ve been quite dry for the past couple of months, so if we had gotten the normal amount of rainfall, we’d see a lot more flooding with this system. But because the conditions have been dry recently, there are actually some questions of whether or not there will be any flooding.”    

By Brandon Urey