Apartment Project Delayed by Neighbors’ Appeal

On August 18, the Corvallis City Council voted to rezone a 6 acre parcel at SW Country Club Drive and 53rd Street so that an apartment complex could be built – but the plan may have to wait, as a neighborhood group has filed notice that they will appeal to the state.

A group calling itself the Carson Property LUBA Appeal filed the notice on Monday.

LUBA is the state Land Use Board of Appeals, and the notice of intent starts a 21 day countdown for all the interested parties to file their briefs. Assuming the group follows through, a hearing for oral arguments would be scheduled, probably for a number of months later.

Prior to the City Council vote, the land was zoned for 6 units per acre, and the developer’s request was for 20 units per acre, which would allow for an apartment development of about 100 units, along with about 200 parking spaces.

Though the Corvallis Planning Commission recommended approval, the City Council had at one point voted to deny the developer’s request. Ultimately, the Council approved it.

During Planning Commission and City Council hearings, opponents expressed worries over traffic, as well as the compatibility of apartments with neighboring agricultural land. Wetland impacts were also a concern, but the developer testified that state and federal permits had already been obtained.

By Andy Thompson

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