Annual Ride of Silence Memorializes Advocate Staffer, Eric Austin

The Ride of Silence for bicycle safety is always a somber rite of spring, and doubly so for those of us at The Advocate still feeling the loss of Copy Editor Eric Austin. Last June, Eric was riding his bike at the intersection in from of the South Co-op when he was killed in a collision with a motorist.

Riders will gather at 6:30 pm, Wednesday, at Osborn Aquatic Center, and then start the ride at 7:00 pm.. From Osborn, the route will be a little different than in years past, as riders proceed to Highway 99W and past where Eric was killed.

A ghost bike has returned to the scene of Eric’s death, and there are reports his father, Bruce, will be at the location to speak with riders.

In the 15 years since Corvallis started its own Ride of Silence, eight riders have died in collisions within the community.